Sunday, April 15, 2012

Free Qurans

It is an odd situation.  There's this Islamic group....House of the Quran....which now says that it will hand out twenty-five million copies of the Quran to every household in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

There's been a number of comments across the German press about this idea.  Some kinda lean on the idea that it shouldn't be done at all.  Some hint that the vast number will end up in the garbage, which will infuriate the Muslims of the region.  There's a handful of comments that suggest that some folks might read it and be somewhat positive about the message.

My humble feeling is that well over half will refuse the Quran at the door, and if it's in the mailbox....they will toss in the paper dumpster.  In a household where the age of the occupants might be less than twenty-five years might have a case where one out of ten might pick up the book and actually read.  Half of those who might read humble opinion again....will be more curious.  All in all....this might recruit five thousand new converts to the Muslim religion.  I'd hate to suggest that this is all about getting five thousand potential recruits out of twenty-five million, but I suspect it is that case.

The reverse of this?  Bringing fifty million Bibles into Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq?  Don't worry....they aren't the type of governments to accept this in any form or fashion.

What can Germany, Austria, or Switzerland do about this?  Nothing much.  There's no laws that hinder this.  You could dream up a law.....but then it'd be shot down by some national court for crossing the line of their Constitution.

So you can imagine Huns....the local butcher....getting this Quran in his mailbox.  He sits there and wondering who the heck did this.  It has to be a joke.  He's had a few beers.  He gets mad about the Quran in his house.  He walks out the backdoor and makes a straight line for his paper dumpster by the fence.  He dumps the book into the can.   He stumbles his way back toward the house....falls over a flower pot...falls against the house, and breaks his arm and shoulder.  The ambulance takes him over to the hospital while he's till half-drunk.  The doctor is asking how he came to this situation, and his response is that Islamic Quran.  Nothing is very clear about this, but the doctor writes this up as "fell over his Quran".  He ends up in some national database and Huns is now identified as a Muslim.

Stranger things have happened in know.

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