Sunday, April 1, 2012

The German Dew

I have a passion for Mountain Dew.  At this point in my life....I might have even said it was an addiction.  Around three years ago....I came to note that Mountain Dew had finally arrived in Germany (I didn't have to buy it at the base anymore, or so I thought).

So I bought a German Mountain Dew....expecting it to taste the same. just wasn't the same Dew.  It was actually a sweeter type taste.....almost like Fanta.

This brings me around to this odd topic.....does German Pepsi taste the same as US Pepsi?  Does US Coke taste like German Coke?

My humble opinion is that they are slightly different in taste....maybe a one-percent difference....but you still detect something different.  My guess is that the soft drink guys do some research and figure....if a German wants something different....give it to them.  The soft drink folks don't worry about an American walking into this situation and asking stupid least they hope that doesn't happen.

So if you come around to Germany, and notice the Mountain Dew at the local gas station, and you really like American-flavored Mountain Dew.....don't tempt yourself.  Just skip the German version.

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