Friday, April 20, 2012

Leftover Mess with Greece

Spring is in the air, and you'd think that Greece....with it's huge budget issues and economic crisis would be feeling slightly positive over the upcoming tourist season.  It would be the normal time that Germans and various other Europeans make vacation plans.....dumping billions into the Greek economy.

Well....according to new numbers that came out this week.....revenue from tourists over the first three months of 2012 was around seventeen percent LESS than anticipated.

When the Greek media went out last year.....blasting away at the just had this bad feeling about an eventual reaction.  Germans have this ability to remember things, and this was a fairly negative period where things were said on a daily basis.  All a German had to do....was turn the TV on or pick up a newspaper, and there was this anti-German rant.

So my advice to Greece?  You might want to come out with a friendly-German advertisement.  You might want to show that almost all Greeks have a positive feelings about German tourists.  You might want to put things in a positive light.  Because if you don't......then you've got half-empty hotels in May and June, which equals less revenue for the government, and less profit for the private individual.