Friday, February 1, 2013

A Tax Discussion

Normally, I wouldn't ever discuss or bring up the far-left party as a topic.  This week?  They came out and said a part of their platform for the upcoming a 100-percent taxation on folks who make more than half-a-million Euro (roughly $650k a year).  Anything after that amount of'd just lose the whole amount.  Got a bonus from the bank for good work of one million, on top of your $499k Euro Salary?  Well....the one million would just be entirely taken away.

Gut feeling?  It won't really attract much interest in the election, if you ask me.  The French and their 75-percent taxation deal has been getting rough treatment in most German papers and the news.

If you sat and around and reviewed things if they got real's bound to draw attention because you'd have to spend the money as you get it, and lots of various groups would demand more money for their projects.

But then, you'd start to notice folks packing up and moving out of Germany.  So in the'd lose more folks than make any money.

Germans have a pretty negative view of any changes on taxes these days.  Doesn't matter if it affects the rich or's always drawing negative talk.

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