Sunday, February 3, 2013

More on the Check Guy

Over the past twenty-four hours....a little more has come out over the Iranian guy with the 54 million Euro check attempting to enter Germany.

The customs guys now say that the fine will be around one million Euro...more or less.  After that....they don't care what he does.

The guy?  Well, this starts to become interesting.  He is Tahmasb Mazaheri.  He was the head of the central bank of Iran for a period of about a year (around 2008, being relieved).

Based on commentary, there was a fair amount of difference between his vision of the central bank and that of the national leadership.  The national leadership wanted significant sums of money shifted from the the nation's poor, to demonstrate that country was taking care of them.  The act....if carried out...was summed up by Mazaheri as the trigger for creating massive inflation.  If you look over the current trends in Tehran....Mazaheri was probably right about run-away inflation.

It would appear that over that brief year....he found various ways to shuffle money around, and deposit it in Venezuela, with a bank there.  The drawn upon that South American bank, not a bank in the Middle East.

His intentions?  I'd now guess that he was seeking a way of hiding in Germany, and utilizing the money for himself and his family.  He probably had an upscale house in mind....a body-guard or two....and just quietly exist in Europe.

Now?  The Iranians would need to react fairly quickly on Monday and ask to stall his release.  They might want to check out his various transactions and create some crime paperwork.

The guy?  I'm guessing that he's begging the Germans at this point to allow him out, and to find a German bank here on Sunday....that would open and accept his the customs folks....and disappear immediately.

Staying in Germany?  If I were the guy....I'd forget about this option.  The Germans probably aren't going to agree to any visa deal.  He'd best start looking for some Caribbean island where he can pretend to be some washed-up Bombay former movie star.    

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