Thursday, February 14, 2013

Horse Meat Episode Continued

I think the authorities throughout Europe were hoping on a quick conclusion to the horse meat episode.  Based on various news sources today....I'd say we might only be half-way through the mess.

One source reports that a French company, who imported from eastern Europe (Cyprus, Romania, etc), was involved.

Another news source says that testing concludes some portions of the horse meat has horse pain-killers noted, which is very illegal by European regulations.

At least one news report indicates that Ireland has found some products....which were supposed to be one-hundred percent beef.....instead....was one-hundred percent horse meat.

Real, which is a major German super-market store....has been yanking a couple of products off the shelves and trying to ensure there is absolutely nothing out there....that might contain horse meat.

Interestingly enough....even Burger King Europe got into the mess....dumping their purchase of Irish and British beef....suspecting it to be contaminated, and buying German beef right now instead.  It's not considered a long-term move to buy German beef (usually more expensive than most), and the business reporting indicates this is a short-term matter to make customers feel sure about the source of their burgers.

The final word on this?  A British paper (Walesonline)  interviewed a German professor who is an expert in just about every meat in existence....a Doctor Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow.  The Doc says that generally....there's nothing bad about horse meat, and that it's simply a taboo meat.  As he points out....we've all adapted to not eating companion meats.  He might have a point on that.

As a news item....I'm guessing it'll stay in the top five German discussed items for another five days....until there are no more surprises out there.

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