Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just an Ounce of Worry is Enough

I'm always amazed at German science studies.  This week, the smart guys over at the University of Mainz came up with this big study over the possibility of electric waves causing illness.  Between high-voltage lines and cellphones....a large segment of German society complain of health-related problems because of the voltage-in-the-air issue.  They believe it.

Well....after months of study, the University says that just simply believing in a problem like enough to trigger the problem.  That if you don't believe in such things....then you aren't affected.  Yeah, the placebo-effect.

Where does this all lead to?  It indicates that just a journalistic action or media report.....will hype people up and create a mental issue which goes onto illness.  There is actual belief in the illness existing, so no matter what a doctor does or says.....the person has problems.

The end result?  The best the University could say....was that engineers and developers need to continually demonstrate that their hardware really isn't terrible or potentially causing problems.  I doubt that it really matters....once Bild says you can get cancer from a high-voltage line two kilometers away.....probably half the German population believes it.

Now, if the German press could only hustle up aliens, Bigfoot  and voodoo....we might get more Germans worried about a different list of things.

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