Friday, May 31, 2013

The Numbers Game

The Germans finally accomplished a complete census.  To be honest, there hadn't been one in at least twenty years (going back to the mid-80's).

Strangely enough....they've lost a few folks, and they finally agreed to change the official population of the country down to 80.2 million.

We also have to be honest about that 80.2 million.  They wouldn't even have that number....unless you count up the foreigners inside Germany.  The numbers indicate roughly eight percent of the nation....aren't really German, but they count anyway.

So only with the help of six million foreigners....does Germany reach 80 million, which is a status of sorts, if you think about it.

Germans leaving?  It won't appear in this census, but there's probably twenty thousand Germans a year who pack up and leave (Canada, Australia, other EU countries, and even the US).  People looking for better economic conditions, a fresh start in life, or just wanting something different.....they leave.

A decline?  In some ways....yes.  German social thoughts tend to lead toward one-child families for the most part.  There are exceptions....but there's no real growth in Germany.....except for more foreigners coming in (Russians, Turks, Africans, etc).

More foreigners in relationship to urban areas?  Well....they haven't put out the map and complete numbers to show how things relate.  I might have thoughts that urban areas are like magnets, and the rural areas of Germany are suffering more from declining population than metropolitan areas.

Where does this lead?  For the next twenty's a limited change.  More foreign nurses, more IT people from Spain and other EU countries, more Russians arriving, and probably a larger segment in urban areas of Muslims.  At some point in fifty years....I would imagine the German population will be down to around sixty million, and the foreigners will be closer to twenty million.

Yeah, Germany won't be Germany.  Don't worry....we are at least a hundred years away from Germanstan.

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