Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Germans and the Muslims

Next week, there's supposed to be a German government Islamic conference.  It's an interesting deal.  What the German government to put a number of subjects on the table and have an open and frank discussion.  They want Muslims to feel as part of the German process.

Well....things aren't going that well here in the days prior to the conference.

The topics on the table?  All put there by the German government.  That rustled a few feathers on the Muslim side.

The topic of terrorism being on the list of topics?  That didn't sit very well.  A number of the three hundred Muslim groups of Germany just don't want that topic discussed.

Who will attend out of the three hundred groups?  Don't know.  If I were a betting man....probably half the groups will show, and half of those will not be part of any terrorism discussion.

The German angle?  They want to discuss the idea of putting the Muslims at the same footing as the other major religions in Germany....which would or mosque taxes being taken straight out of your paycheck ...just like Catholic Germans pay today.  This issue is a bit hard for Muslims to discuss because the mosque operations are all run by Saudi charity operations for the most part.  If the expense book was opened the German religions currently do....then things would have to be explained and be totally open.  That's not acceptable in their mind.

Terrorism?  The leadership leading back to the Saudi charity guys probably don't want this in any public forum.  If members of the mosque knew the various tricks and angles being used.....they might question the leadership of the mosques, and start to suspect some things.  It's best not to discuss what would go off in a negative fashion.

The curious thing is that the Germans probably have figured out that the 9-11 guys, the Boston bombers, the British bombers, the underwear bomber kid, etc.....all came from Saudi-run mosques.  If you can corner the Saudis out of the end up with a regular mosque and no real threat.

If I were the German leadership....I'd continue to play out the come-to-the-center-of-the-room card.  The more that Muslim members know and realize....the less acceptable Saudi dominance becomes.  It would only make sense.

Lack of participation in the conference?  It says something about where Muslims in Germany want to head toward in the future.  Fitting into German culture and society....isn't one of the top goals.  But maybe we already know that.  

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