Friday, May 24, 2013

The Olive Oil Container Ban?

I blogged this a week the EU had put up new rules banning the decades-long practice of putting olive oil and vinegar at tables throughout Europe in glass containers, and replacing it with plastic containers that you had to ask for....a disposable solution for a problem that did not exist.

Today, the EU admitted they screwed up, and tossed out the olive oil container ban.  Gone.

It took around two weeks for sense to fall upon the EU representatives, and force them to reconsider.

I admit, it wasn't exactly front-page news in Germany.  I doubt if more than two or three million Germans really had heard about the ban, and understood the whole thing.  The German restaurant owners?  Oh, all of them understood it immediately.

So peace can now descend on Brussels, and the EU crowd can look at the next mess to create.  Maybe requiring all dogs to have GPS-tracking devices?  

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