Friday, July 12, 2013

"United Stasi" of America

Over the last month in Germany.....folks have gotten hyper over the US and its spy business.

This week, some German artist did up a photo with "United Stasi" and projected it onto the US embassy in Berlin.  Course, the cops are disturbed by can't go around projecting images onto buildings just willy-nilly.  As of yet, no cop has been able to define the law broken and I suspect that the Bundestag will discuss it for 3 minutes and just have a laugh.  They won't dare pass a law against projecting against buildings.

As for the US?  I'm sure if you were getting invitations to parties in Berlin as an employee of the US government.....this topic would be brought up and you'd be a bit unnerved by the comments made.  Germans aren't exactly happy.

The odds of the Germans spying on US bases in Germany?  Oh, it's likely 99-percent or better that they monitor things and catch phone-calls.....although it's best not to suggest such to the Americans or they'd get all hyper that it wasn't the Russians or Chinese.

I'll make a guess that someone is discussing the idea of a German TV movie by spring of 2014 about US surveillance against Germany, and just pump the pressure up another notch.

The problem here is that spying has been around thousands of years, and it's not likely to clean itself up for any reason.

There's this other point as the end of eighty thousand hours of spy effort.....the most you might dig up on Chancellor Merkel?  Shes got a secret stash of cheesecake recipes.....her cat had kittens.....her husband forgot to take out the trash last week....and she'd like to take dancing lessons.  Sadly, we'd pay millions to learn this valuable information.

If you ask me.....the real German Stasi of 1939....would be degrade the US to junk-information status and just laugh over the whole effort.


Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

nice blog, been following it for quite a while now.

One thing, you wrote : "If you ask me.....the real German Stasi of 1939..."

The Stasi was part of East Germany which come to existance some time after WW 2, so 1939 is quite a bit off, you probably think of the "GeStaPo"

By the way, Stasi is short for : Ministerium für STAatsSIcherheit which translates roughly to : Ministry for Homeland Security. Go figre

Letters from Ripley said...

I stand corrected....I should have just said the Stasi of 1950s Germany.

Anonymous said...