Saturday, July 20, 2013

Goth Stuff

The one curious thing about the fair number of Gothic people that you run into....on an average afternoon.

Goths tend to stand out....mostly by dress and attire.  I normally would try not to gaze too intently, but a guy from Bama just hasn't seen many Goths in life, and it's something that kinda gets you focused.

The shoes are always the same....combat boots....almost always black.  After that, it's a pretty wide aspect of choices for shirts, blouses, pants, socks and such.  Hair?  Always a weird color, from pink to green.

For a long time....I kinda wondered how you could walk into the Goth fashion and get all dressed up.  Then yesterday, I walked across some side street in Wiesbaden and came across the Dome.  Basically, it's a Goth fashion center.  Being over fifty....I tried not to stop and gaze in the front door.  There was a gal there decked out in full Goth attire, with some kinda ring on her nose, and some steel lip stuff.  I didn't want to give her the idea that I might be flipping over to Goth.

The curious thing is that you come across too many Goths in their thirties or over.  I get the impression that you run through the Goth period, and then by age thirty....come to some new reality.

Who determines Goth fashion?  Well....I'd like to ask this question but I'm guessing there just isn't anyone that makes much of a living from this type of attire.  A transmission mechanic could probably throw some stuff together and start a Goth trend in just a week or two.

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