Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Biebrich Schloss

Down at the end of Wiesbaden, getting into Biebrich and the area along the river.....there's a hidden park of sorts.

Going east-west on Appelallee, there's a fancy fencing entrance....made out of stone....without any real signs.  If you walk discover Biebrich Schloss.  It was a stately palace of sorts in the 1700s, and today is mostly a city park of Biebrich.

The history?  Well....some decision was made around 1701 to build this 'presence' down in Wiesbaden (then referred to as Nausau-Biebrich in terms of the local area).  The Prince who was given the permission.....chose a nice area within ten minutes walking of the river, and built two initial houses (one for him and one for his wife).  Its probably best that we not ask why separate houses were's just part of the story.  Besides, they probably had pretty tough austerity-driven German women in those days too.

After a number of years, they decided to build this center hallway between the houses, and this became the Schloss (the manor or palace, as you might say).

Around a hundred years pass by, and then the royal owner of the palace decided to enhance the area by setting up a 'garden'.  This tended to be the big draw in France and England at the time.  So around 1801.....the garden project started.

About a hundred years ago....this royal business came to an end, and the city came to get stuck with the Schloss and the park.

So as you enter this city park, there's a gravel trail that runs the length of the Schloss on both sides.  It's a good half-mile walk to the end, and then you circle back.

As parks go?  I'd give this one four stars.  It's extremely safe.  It's easy to figure the trail system.  Plenty of chairs to sit on.  No real crowds.  No noise.  If you wanted a decent walking or jogging trail....this beats anything in Wiesbaden.

If you live around Wiesbaden.....take a half-day and find the entrance across from the Greek 'Athens' restaurant.  Parking?  Well....that's a problem and I'd recommend taking a bus to it.  On the other side of the manor......facing the river.....there are several pubs and restaurants.  I won't recommend any of them (tourist-type), but at the entrance where you started....this Greek place is fairly decent.  And the bus from downtown?  Number 47.  If you see Burger've already passed the entrance.  Go back a block or two, on the opposite side of the road.

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