Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Bushido Story

About once a month.....you get this oddball German story which takes a minute to examine and explain to people.  This is one of those moments.

We have this rapper in German...Bushido.  One word name....don't ask for an explanation on that.  The guy is a Muslim of sorts, but progressive (don't ask how but it's just that way).

So he's had an interesting trail and made some money, and gotten a number of fans.....mostly all in the 15 to 25 year old range.

Bushido does things that most German entertainers would not do.....insult political figures....mostly on the left side of things.

So Bushido has made up a new rap that insults the gay mayor of Berlin, and the chief of the Green Party.  Both are angry about this.....there's talk of a court action to take down his song and video.

Last night, the Channel One news crowd did a walking interview of sorts with him, and they noted as he pulled into the parking lot.....he parked in a handicapped spot.  At least three different times.....this was noted in the video.  I'm guessing they hope that the video pushes the cops into some action to give out a ticket.  It's a waste of time, but this is how Germans tend to operate.

Bushido?  He's doing most of this to attract attention and get more listeners on his side.  The
German youth audience likes a guy who is anti-establishment, and Bushido is absolutely fitting into that area.

As for this being a page one story?  No.  I've noticed over the past three nights.....it's somewhere in the top three stories told and the political folks are all peppy in talking about this episode of a slam against gays.  But it's not much of a public interest story.  I would speculate that barely three million Germans could recognize this Bushido guy in public, and seventy million of the eighty million will admit they've never heard this music.

Political interest for Bushido?  This is a curious thing.  In ten years.....he might have five million Germans who might follow his trend, and he might forge a minor party action to drag down on the big parties.

Bottom line?  It's just not worth talking much about, except the Channel One guys think it's hot stuff.

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