Saturday, April 26, 2014

1950s Version 2.0

 I will often point this out....between Frankfurt, Mainz and Wiesbaden....they have just about everything that you can imagine under the sun.

Off on one of the side streets of Frankfurt's Sachsenhausen Peggy Sue (Retro Fashion and Lifestyle).

It's a small least from the exterior.  Their emphasis?  Taking the fashion of the 1950s, and selling it to Germans all over again.

Course, you'd sit there and say this is ridiculous or silly....but strangely enough, it's now considered in fashion....and in some ways....exotic.

Last month, they ran an evening of exotic burlesque in Frankfurt, with Peggy Sue fashion as part of the show.  Toss in a DJ or two.....some old fashion burlesque acts in modern situations, and you've got a bit of interest from the typical average German with cash and time on their hands.

Strippers still in the vogue?  Exotic fashion still working?  1950s style clothing highly desired?  Yeah.

I think the logical way to explain to look upon the rebirth of the 1950s as simply version 2.0.

People want to tantalize....without the raw stuff that they got used to in the 1970s and 1980s.  They want sex appeal to be a long drawn-out act.  They want the clothing style to be more of a simple gimmick than a fashion-model situation.

I guess I got used to the Gothic style, the punk style, the Latino look, etc.  Now.....just another trend.  Looking 1950ish, and glamourish. sells.  And the nifty thing for Peggy Sue....there's no real competition right now.

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