Friday, April 25, 2014

A Pit Story

One of the more odd geographic features in my local area (Naurod)....sits about two miles over in Erbsenacker (resting on the ridge overlooking the valley).

If you pull out a map, you will see various trails leading from the north side of Erbsenacker around the village and heading south.  One of those will take you by the Kramstein Mine.  I'd call it more of a small quarry area.

At some point in the late 1800s.....someone discovered some different minerals on the hill, and simply started to dig away.  What is generally that there's some quartz in the 'pit'.  There's also albite, azurite, limonite, malachite, and chalcopyrite.

As you stand on the walking trail goes within sixty feet of the can see a little entranceway, then as you walk's really more of a pit.

You'd come across this point in the trail about five minutes after you leave the village on the trail.  If you continue on the trail.....staying 'right'? takes you along the main road leading into Wiesbaden.  Staying takes you back along the valley and you can circle yourself back into Erbsenacker (it's a fairly long walk and eighty minutes to get finally back around to the village, but no real difficult climbs).  

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