Monday, April 14, 2014

The Fake Montage of Wiesbaden

 The picture you a montage....a fake.  Sadly, it's one off the Wiesbaden Burgerliste magazine that comes out monthly.

There's a fight underway....primarily by the SPD party in Wiesbaden, and a number of landscape lovers....who believe this idea of putting windmills up on the Taunuskamm (the ridgeline overlooking Wiesbaden) a terrible idea.

Yes, the same folks talk excessively about climate change and global warming, but the idea of putting windmills in the valley?  Oh just can't do that.

The suggested project was one that would place a couple of windmills on the farthest hillside that you see.  The chief reason?  Wind flow and dependable wind strength.  the actual size of a windmill, if you used the same Picture?  About a third of the size that you see in this picture.  You have to remember....the hills in question are about two miles beyond Russian Orthodox Church that you see with the shiny roof.

I'd take a guess that 200,000 copies of the Burgerliste gets printed and delivered to all households within the Wiesbaden city limits.  Everyone will note the frontpage....note how the landscape is scarred with the windmills, and thus go anti-wind mill.  Though....the same crowd wants to talk excessively about climate change.  Yeah, go figure.

Where will the electrical power come from when the nuke power systems are turned off?  Somewhere else....with scarred landscapes and purity of wind energy driving the agenda.....that's the general consensus.  So if you were wondering what the additional games are in the Wiesbaden UNESCO application....yeah, this is one of the issues that cannot be allowed to occur.

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