Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Hot" Water for Sale?

It always amazes the gimmicks that Germans come up with....for commercial sales.

This week, there's a rumor going around that a Berlin group is focused on a new water-energy type drink....called Fukashima Water.

Caffeine and sugar-based?  Well....yeah.  But the water is pumped out of the deep wells of the town of Fukashima (Japan).  It's tossed in some plastic bottles and shipped off to Germany.

Price?  Unknown presently, but I'll guess that it sells for roughly the same as Red Bull (another energy drink).

Radiation in it?  So far....folks claim it's 'clean'.

Would it sell?  Around twenty years ago....someone came up in Germany with the Micheal Jackson Mystery Drink.  It was a herbal tea gimmick, with a heavy dose of caffeine and sugar.  It lasted on the market for about three months, then quietly disappeared.  For the office snack fund....I actually bought a case of the stuff.  I gave a few samples out to the office personnel and had hopes of it selling (I had twenty-four cans of the stuff).  Six months later....other than the can I drunk and the two I used for the sample tastings.....I still had twenty-one cans.  No one bought the stuff.

For some reason, I envision Fukashima Water going the same way.  Maybe they'll find some soccer star or washed-up 1970s singer to advertise the stuff.....but I doubt if it ever takes off.

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