Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Cop Story

It's a page five footnote type story which most Germans would miss.

With all that G-20 Summit riot business in Hamburg in the summer....the cops have been reviewing video and came to this one episode and have identified the guy who threw beer cans at police.  It's a German policeman from Munich, who was on a vacation trip to Hamburg to visit a girlfriend.

Yeah, pretty serious business now.

There's a suspension involved for the guy now....his apartment searched, and he's been charged up with suspicion of attempted dangerous bodily injury.  If convicted, he'd be out of a job totally, and spending a number of months in some state prison.

It's something you'd expect out of a twenty-year old kid in the profession....but this guy is 35 years old.

Affected by alcohol?  One might suggest that but I doubt that the judge will be open to forgive the guy on that suggestion.  Even if they found some way to lessen the charge and let him walk away, I kinda doubt that the Munich cops would keep the guy around.  So a career change is likely to take place here. 

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