Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bakeries on the Spiral

There's an interesting story out there....over the future of German bakeries.  The German Wholesale Bakeries association says that they are seeing a trend, and expect a drop of thirty to forty percent of bakeries.  It's not that they are unnecessary....it's just that you see an increase in bulk bakeries, which produce products for the smaller shops and stores throughout the country.

Years and years ago....every neighborhood and small town had its own bakery.  They made fresh bread six days a week, and prepared some great deserts which were the Sunday treat.  The small bakeries have met their match with these bulk bakeries, which can employ dozens of people and provide morning delivery to a hundred groceries across the region.  Mass production is taking on a major target.

Comparable?  No.  I've enjoyed small bakery products in Germany for years, and admit you just can't find anything better.  The bulk products?  About half as good, but cheaper than what the smaller bakeries can produce.

It's a trend that you know is happening and you can't stop it.  At some point in forty years, folks will talk about the great smell and taste of fresh baked croissant from the neighborhood bakery, which shut down years ago.  The bulk product that they buy?  It just doesn't have the same texture.

The statistic I find most interesting out of the various stories on the decline....is that they are around fourteen thousand bakeries in Germany today, which serve eighty million residents.  By the 2020 period, it's believed it'll be near eight thousand bakeries (from the Local.de).  Some bread will be trucked for an hour or two.....to be delivered to some small village of five hundred residents.

History will have been made.....sadly.

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