Saturday, September 22, 2012

The New Women on the Board

It is an interesting turn of business management by the German Parliament.....a mandated position that the top thirty companies listed on the DAX.....must have forty percent of the board as women, period.  Not a recommendation, but a mandated situation.

There are two views to this.  First, most folks will admit that it's been a "boys club" for years in upper management, so this is a fair way of finally forcing the issue, via the Bundestag.  Second, some business analysts view this as something that the Bundestag shouldn't be getting into.....the mandate of who sits on boards of major German business organizations.

Who make up the thirty companies on the DAX?  Deutsche Bank, BMW, Siemens, E.ON, SAP, MAN, Heidelberg Cement, Volkswagen, RWE, Daimler, and BASF.....among the very top of the group.  The effect? one is saying much on the business news area, but I'm guessing most companies will have to review the structure of their board....and look for a couple of women who have been within the company for twenty years....then hope that they fit well within the board.

For the women might be more of a negative than a positive.  You get a move-up-to-the-top ticket, free of charge.  But there's bound to be more observation of your attitude and performance than you'd normally expect.  I'm guessing here....strictly on my own humble opinion....that half of the women promoted out of the initial group....will be resigning or retiring within two to three years.  The women who come up in a decade might face an easier crowd and appreciate what was done this week.

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