Thursday, September 20, 2012

That Forest Kid

If you remember back about six months ago....there was this story in Germany of this kid who suddenly appeared in the Berlin area....claiming he had been living in the woods for years and years with his dad, when dad died.  So he'd come out of the woods.  He didn't know much of anything from his past.  The problem was.....he didn't really have that great of an ability with the German language, and none of his story really seemed true.

So months passed while he was in social care, and then they found out that he was simply a run-away kid from the Netherlands.

Well....the Germans have decided that there's some cost involved in this whole game....way over thirty thousand Euro, and they want the kid to pay up.  The kid?'s a funny thing....he's disappeared.

So the Forest he is referred to in on the run.  My humble guess is that he's probably out in the German countryside, and he's changed the color of his hair.  A year or two from now....he'll come up with some fake ID and claim to be some German kid.

I think Germany is kind of stuck with the Forest Kid.

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