Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Neo-Nazi Episode

In the last couple of months....Germans have woke up and realized that some Neo-Nazis were involved in a series of murders and robberies.  The cops, at least by my prospective, weren't able to link these episodes....some going back to 2006 until recently.

A massive episode?  No.  Based on everything the cops have looks like one gang only and it never went past that point.

The curious thing is that there's only one member of this gang still living (a woman), and the cops are fairly desperate at this point to dump as many charges on that remaining member.

The flip side of the episode?  Almost every single German political party wants to have various independent reviews of the cops, the Neo-Nazis, and just about anyone connected.  There could be tens of thousands of hours invested into the effect of a seven-year run of crime done by a small gang of Neo-Nazis.  The chief question would be why the cops never connected the dots.  The chief purpose?  Well....basically to get some public appeal that they, the political players, have helped to fix things.

At the end of this whole mess....the cops have to be thinking that there are various murders throughout Germany every single year, and then wondering how many more might be connected to a group or individual.

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