Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Junk-Mail Situation

There has been this issue brewing in the German court system....over the German postal folks and what they can be "forced" into delivering.  At the heart of the the extremist party....the NPD.  They produce a publication of sorts, and they wanted to get the publication out into the public sight.  The German Post stood up and said they shouldn't be forced into delivering it to households.

The court finally settled into the matter, and issued out a statement....mail is mail.  So the Post has to deliver the extremist publications.

The tipping point of this entire argument was that these publications were "unaddressed" (junk-mail, for the typical American).  The Post wanted to stop the delivery because people would end up getting this and possibly getting hostile toward the Post for such a delivery (my humble opinion).

For the most part, the NPD still survives on but most Germans just aren't interested in their position or their points.  The numbers of members?  There are ball-park numbers occasionally given out, but most German publications will agree that they aren't really sure about how Germans fall into this radical Nazi-group.  There could be 100k.....there could be 200k.

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