Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Bieber Bill

Not that it really matters....but the German authorities have added up the fees and cost for that Justin Bieber-monkey episode (back in March).  They figure Justin owes the German government roughly $1,500 and a bill will be prepared and given to him....upon the next entry into Germany.

The way this started.....Justin flew into Germany on a private jet with his entourage (all with passports), and this one monkey.  There are German rules about pets entering the country, and I get the impression that Justin didn't care for the rules.  So they seized the monkey.

It's hard to predict how this will play out.  Justin could just pay the fine quietly and it'd all disappear as he enters next year for another round of concerts.  Justin could do nothing, and get the bill as he enters Germany on the next trip, and just act naive.....not paying it.  The authorities could pull Justin into some custom's room and do a major search of his bags, and make life kinda miserable for the boy-wonder while waiting for their money.

I'm guessing we haven't seen the end of this mess yet.

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