Saturday, December 6, 2014

A True-But-Fake Movie

For entertainment, I sat and watched RTL's version of Gotz von Berlichingen this past Thursday night.  I don't really consider myself a critic or movie expert.....I might be a historian expert of some degree, and I can generally tell you  if a movie is good or bad.

This version of Gotz von Berlichingen?'s a curious piece.

Meedia reports that roughly 3.8 Germans watched the movie.....which generally makes it a success....maybe not a big success but still a success.

Henning Baum as the lead character?  A charming portrayal and a decent acting job.  Maybe not four-star but still he made it a believable.

The translation to reality in this early 1500s period?  I sat and was fairly amazed at the background, landscape, and items related to the period.  They did their homework, and presented a fairly truthful representation of the period.

As for relating to this real-life and the actual story?  They tied a couple of truthful events, into a mostly creative story....thus making it worth watching.  A historian, I suspect, would have laughed over the whole thing at the end.

As for the voo-doo gal in the leather bikini attire?  Yeah....pretty fake.

Here's the thing.....with so much rich history sitting there for German writers to use and create great movies and TV series....there's so little of it used.  So when you do finally get to some piece of history worth making a movie end up rewriting half the story to fit sex, corruption, or creativity into the mess....making people happy with the end-product.

So, if you do happen to see two-hour movie (Gotz von Berlichingen) around....sit and watch it.  It's worth it.  Just don't get the idea that it's 100-percent truthful.

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