Monday, December 8, 2014

Just Something Unfair

For a couple of weeks, I've been following the death of local Turkish-German gal....Tugce Albayrak.
Tugce was a twenty-two year old young woman.....bound for greater things in life.  Somewhere in Offenbach, a neighborhood of Frankfurt, on 15 November....Tugce got into a disturbance which concerned three young men (all around 18 to 20 years old) and two teenage girls (described in various media accounts as 16 years old).  Tugce told the three guys to act mature and verbally took them down a notch.

Somewhere outside of this burger joint (McDonalds) the parking of the three guys pushes Tugce to the ground.  There's video of the episode and I've watched it.  My general impression is that she wasn't prepared for that, and slams to the ground at a hefty impact.  The episode causes a concussion, and sends her off to the hospital.  Roughly two weeks later, she's dead.

The whole thing has gotten folks in Frankfurt drawn into a complicated story.  The three guys?  All Turkish-Germans.  The guy in question who pushed her?  Local news now says he'd been drinking heavily that evening....suggesting that he might not have realized what he was doing.

HR, our local TV news folks.....has come out to say that cops repor the guy in question had a blood alcohol rate of 1.4, when he was tested two hours after the event (having been arrested).

Grievous bodily harm is about the only charge they can toss at the kid.  It's the same type of charge you'd use if some guy was driving a car and hit another car.....causing permanent bodily damage on that victim or killing them.  I'd take a fair guess that the prosecutor will try for maximum jail-time on the guy.....but it'd surprise me if he gets more than four or five years in prison.

What interests me of the Tugce episode is that here you have some bright kid....fully into German life, and probably bound for a successful career in some profession.  For some brief moment, she did the right thing, and defended some someone with the only weapons at her disposal....verbal commentary.  She did a good job. And then, some screwed-up drunk kid got involved into the final result.  The unfairness factor of life.....hard at work.

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