Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nothing Much Worth Discussing?

The political news for today is rather in Germany.....over SPD's Sebastian Edathy.

The basic introduction?  Somewhere in 2011....some Canadian cops busted a guy for kid-porn.  The guy had some kind of listing of customers.  Several hundred were Germans.  The German cops were given the list and started an investigation. Days led onto weeks, and onto months.

Somewhere on that listing of several hundred Germans was the name of Sebastian Edathy.  To this point, it's all factual.

Somewhere in the fall of 2013....the name of Edathy got pushed around and the investigation crowd knew his position and where this was leading onto.  The rest of the story is merely speculation, with unknown but presumed dates.

Someone finally came around October of 2013 to brief the Secretary of State (of Germany).  Around this same time period, the election occurred.  The results of the election meant that the CDU and the SPD needed to meet....discuss a joint Bundestag effort....and cabinet-level posts.

What we generally know is that the CDU head who'd likely know of such investigations because of his job.....decided to tell the head figure of the SPD about the investigation.  In the practical sense....he was doing the SPD a favor.  But legally, everyone keeps hinting that it was unethical and wrong.

All of this comes out in early December of 2013.....with the CDU guy who passed the info to the SPD.....fired by Chancellor Merkel.

A year has passed, and they've finally to a point where the Bundestag (particularly the Linke Party and the Greens)....would like to know who knew what and passed what info around.

A normal person would ask how a whole year passes and this is the most pressure-driven topic of the day....but this is Germany.  As for the cop investigation over Edathy?  No one is saying much.  The cops are really shut down on comments....fearful of making it a bigger mess.  The news media won't say much.  There may never be a full-up court case.  The laptop which might have evidence to build a case?  It's commented widely that it was stolen while Edathy was riding a train from point A to point B. Yeah.....that's what he told them.

Does it sound like some witch-hunt with political parties after political parties?  Yes.  Anything much to expect out of this?  If one single guy gives testimony and it conflicts with the comments of another guy......I'd expect this go into round-two.  Beyond that.....there's not much of a worthy nature from this whole mess to sit at a pub.....have a beer over.....and discuss for more than six minutes.

The SPD would like for the whole thing to go away.  And I'm kinda surprised that Edathy hasn't disappeared off into some woods in Bavaria.  Beyond that?  Nothing.

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