Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hand Signals

Hand signals are not something that you tend to think of.....when discussing German society.  But there is this story in the news that came up, so you have to discuss this for a minute.

The topic to refer 'Schweigefuchs'....which loosely translates to hand signals. 

The Bundestag political folks think that some signals used by the right-wing folks might need to be brought under they are trying to conceive of a way to limit or ban certain hand signals.  Focus (the German news magazine) brought up the essentials of the story today.

An example of hand signals?  The Leisefuchs.  This is typically used in a classroom where the instructor/teacher will raise their hand, putting the number two finger on the thumb,and allowing the first and third fingers to rise a fox's ears.  This is to mean....'QUIET". 

This Leisefuchs hand signal is used by a right-wing Turkish group (the Gray Wolves).

Another hand signal?  The two-finger victory sign. 

Banning or limiting these?  The best that the cops might get is a law that makes it a misdemeanor but I suspect that teenage German kids would immediately drift over and use the hand sign on a daily basis. 

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