Thursday, October 11, 2018

US Basing in Greece?

Greece this week, is having some chats with the US....strangely enough.....about a US military presence to be established at three Greek locations.  Volos, Alexandroupoli, and Larissa.

Volos and Larissa?  They are smaller towns on the mainland of Greece....on the eastern side of the country.  In fact, they are within twenty kilometers of each other.

Alexandroupoli?  It's way over on the eastern end of the country....a port city.  It's probably 5 miles from the Turkish border.  The airport does have a 8000 ft runway but I doubt if they handle more than eight flights a day. 

If you look at the 'chatter'.....all three of these locations are mostly non-tourist areas.  Would the US even consider some military basing? I would suggest it's very questionable.  In the case of Alexandroupoli, they might agree to some radar and surveillance platform being placed there, but I just don't see them putting a significant number of troops (even a thousand) at any of three sites. 

A lot of this goes to an uneasy feeling among Greeks that Turkey has not been the same since the attempted coup business from two years ago.  Turkish 'invasion' chatter?  Almost non-existent.  Threats?  There might be a headline or two every month from the Turkish media to suggest some threat from the Greeks, but it's mostly to draw attention away from Turkish issues.

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