Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Peppy Pepsi?

Here in Europe, various distributors own rights to make various beers, drinks and by country.

In the past month, there was this odd event to occur up in Sweden.  Carlsburg Sweden (the beer distribution folks) had the rights to make Pepsi in Sweden.  So they were busy making Pepsi Max....the diet soda.

On some afternoon, with management likely sleeping....someone pushed the wrong button, and out pumped roughly two thousand cans of Pepsi Max.....filled with a nifty alcoholic formula (4.5 percent alcohol).

All of these went to one single grocery chain (Lidl) in the southern part of Sweden.  Naturally, folks bought six-packs and went home.  What likely occurred is some old Swedish gal popped a top....sipped it for a while, and then remarked that this Pepsi....had "pep".  Maybe she went onto having a second soda....maybe a third soda....maybe a fourth soda, and then kinda thought....this is powerful stuff (well....Swedes might think that).

So, she complained and the grocery got all over this.  You don't want a bad reputation over something like this.  The Carlsburg guys have recalled all of the drinks and hoping that this is the end of the episode.

However, I'm guessing that some folks are pretty curious....mixing Pepsi and some stronger alcohol?  Maybe down the line....something like Pepsi-Jack (with Jack Daniels mixed in)?  It's hard to say.  

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