Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The G-7 "Game"

In the midst of this G-7 Summit in Brussels....there was a schedule, and I'm guessing that was simply identified this open hour or so.....as "open".  What suddenly got laid out in front of the group.....was a 'game' over nuclear warfare.  Role playing.....for these seven folks.

German Chancellor Merkel kinda sat there....shaking her head....and hinted in some way that this wasn't necessary.  President Obama jumped right in and suggested this was a great way to utilize the hour....as did Prime Minister Cameron of the UK.

A Summit spokesman said at the end of the affair....that this 'game' helped to make everyone more enthusiastic.  It was wasted words.....but looked good for the British and US press.

From the group attending....the only one with real appreciation for science.....is Chancellor Merkel....a physicist by trade.  

You can imagine a physicist or engineer standing there.....at the suggestion of some 'game' in the midst of company meeting or talks as part of some leadership-building exercise.  Basically, games are designed for one person to make one move, and an opposing figure to make a second move.  One will win, to some degree.  One will lose, to some degree.  

For an engineer or physicist.....they don't think in terms of winning or losing....they are intent upon designing or building something that has no screw-ups, mistakes or faults.  Thinking five steps ahead....is the natural tendency of this group of professionals.  

I would guess that Chancellor Merkel walked back to the hotel tonight....kind of lost on patience, and wondering why the heck she has to deal with in terms of people who want to role-play their way to the leadership position.

Payback?  I'm wondering if Chancellor Merkel will design a role-play game for the next G-7 meeting....where you have to show a backbone, make wise decisions, and determine economic policy based on reality.  Somewhere in the pubs tonight where German economic professors hang out.....there probably are two guys standing there grinning....designing a role play game where the President has to take his vision of economics, role-play, and lose miserably.  


Anonymous said...

I am generally surprised you still put up with them. Why not leave and let the Krauts rot?

R Hammond said...

And give up my entertainment? No way. :)