Sunday, March 30, 2014

Casinos In Germany

Casinos are an odd topic in Germany to bring up.

Throughout the 1700s and 1800s....Germans were fairly successful at building up the casino business, and a number of resorts had established around the various city-states (Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden were at the top of the list).

An odd event occurred in the the German city-states are combining and falling under Prussia......there is a general dislike of the Prussian elite over gambling.  So the general rule is written up to end gambling.

As of 31 December was the last active day that any casino could run it's operations.  From that point on....they were limited to just resort and spa operations.

In some ways, it challenged the resort managers to find new entertainment and gimmicks to keep the rich and elite coming to their location.

A return to gambling?  In the midst of the Nazi era of the 1930s.....Baden-Baden was allowed to return to gambling status.  For Wiesbaden, it wasn't until after the war (1947) that things back to a norm.

Today?  There are casinos across all of Germany.  Each state tends to run their own operations, with various profit margins going to the local state.  The number of active casinos?  Around fifty in Germany.

The requirements to walk in?  You have to be eighteen and have an ID (if they ask).  Most casinos will mandate a dress requirement (tie and jacket for guys and evening wear for women).  Don't even think you can walk in with a pair of jeans and t-shirt on.

Anything beyond entertainment?  Well...most folks will say the majority of casinos are more of a gambling area and bar situation.  Some might offer a nightclub or restaurant as part of the gimmick. A situation similar to Vegas?  No. Don't expect strippers, cheap drinks, or drunks throwing the life savings onto the table for one afternoon.

The Wiesbaden casino?  There are two atmospheres.  There's the 'petty' area.....out in the small building.....where there's some tables and slot machines.  This is where the regular folks go, and have an hour or two of entertainment.  The casino operation in the big building?  More so for the elite and high-roller folks.

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