Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our Local Lost Gal

About a month ago....I blogged up a local missing gal story from the Wiesbaden area....from Wambach.  From the story of the traveling businessman husband, it appeared originally and got strong attention in the local folks searched for her.  Cops said in some cryptic way....that they felt she had health issues....but they left out what kind of issues. the last day or updates have occurred with this missing-gal story.

The gal in question....Britta Beauvais.....has not shown up.  The husband?  Well....he changed his original story slightly.  Cops hate that....because it tends to mean that neither the first story or second story are likely true.

Cops now admit....they've held the husband since 1 March (three weeks) jail.  No release planned.

What the husband has hinted is that the wife did herself some drowning related least the Wiesbaden Kurier writers report this.

The problem is....there's a likely crime of a capital nature....but no body (kinda like the missing guy from the village next to mine who the cops have the likely suspect....but again, same deal.....holding the guy without a body as evidence).

The normal details you'd have in a case like this?  Well...the locals and neighbors all say that both the husband and wife lived in seclusion and no one knows much of anything, period.

Generally.....there is no time limit on how long the cops can hold you on suspicion.  If they wanted to stretch this out to five years.....they could probably do it....with a judge's permission.  The guy from the suspected murder in the village next to mine?  He's been held since October of last year.

So the whole thing about some gal wandering off into a forest, and maybe falling off the Earth in some fashion? was a pretty good story by the husband.  Sadly, he just didn't stick with the story.

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