Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Little Darlings

Violence is one of those rare things you run into within Germany.....when it usually ask questions and wonder about the entire story.

This the S-Bahn station around the neighborhood of Schoneberg.....there was this confrontation to start out.

The best we can say is that this adult gal confronted at least two twelve-year old German girls.  No one in public (cops or otherwise) will say how this conversation or argument started up.  Might have been over disturbing language, a episode of litter, teens smoking, or consumption of alcohol.

Anyway....the forty-two year old whooped in the face twice....fairly strong punches apparently....which led to an ambulance being called and the older gal being carried away for a bloody noise and otherwise.

Witnesses?  Oh yeah.  The two young ladies....punks.....were trailed at this point by a teen who watched the event.  Cops got called, and confront the two punks. A discussion erupts in the same pattern as before....confrontation ensues.

Oddly enough....the two young punks then assault one of the police officer to such a degree....that he gets carried off to the hospital via an ambulance as well.

Enough cops arrive and then take down the two punks (twelve-years old, remember), and cart them off to the local police station.  The cops call the parents.  One of the parents arrive....get the whole story....and immediately files charges against the cop in the hospital.  Yeah, I know....he just didn't believe his darling would dare harm anyone.

All the cops will say presently is that they are investigating the entire event.

Three observations here.

First, the forty-two year original victim?  She's going to file charges at some point, and this father will end up in the family court room as the witness and the older gal describe the attack.  The judge will just sit there and let the idiot father defend his daughter as much as possible before he renders some harsh deal.

Second, just me personally.....but if I was the father and I began to grasp that my daughter was a threat to society, and perhaps to myself.....I probably would have that kid removed from the house and just forget about that kid entirely.  You can't sleep in a house where you worry about your punk kid attacking you or harming you.  Maybe this guy will wake up eventually and grasp this.

Third and final.....back in the 1978-1979 era....when I was stationed at Rhein Main Air Base (Frankfurt)....there were a hundred lessons that I gleaned well quick about local customs and society.  German cops in that era....could pull out a baton and whoop up on you....with no real cause.  If you insulted them or acted stupid.....they had complete freedom to knock sense into you.  It was widely accepted as normal, and the older Germans I worked around....noted that this taught everyone to respect the cops, period.  If you were stopped by the German cooperate and be respectful.  Otherwise, you were in serious jeopardy.

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