Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Wiesbaden Street Worth Walking

One of the main streets of Wiesbaden is Rhein Strasse....running east-west.  The heart of Rhein this green "isle" that rests between the traffic flow.

It's about a mile in length, with the tree isle the entire way.

It adds character and charm to the street.....and offers a cooling effect.

At the far west end of Rhein Strasse is the Ringkirche.  It's one of the five major churches of the city.

The city acquired the property of the Ringkirche around the late 1880s, for the idea of a Lutheran church.  Construction started in 1892 and was finished by 31 October 1894.

What is generally said about the church is that it immediately triggered up some discussions amongst the Lutherans and the Reform Church movement.  For roughly eighteen years, some type of argument continued in local society over the two religious groups, and the Reform Church ended up as the owner of this property.....while another church was constructed (completed in 1911) for the Lutherans.  There's not a lot of details over this internal fight, and few historians today have any idea what drove the two groups to conflict.

The one odd thing about this particular church is that almost immediately upon had construction issues, and went  through a quiet renovation phase to fix the issues.  Considering all the recent construction issues (KMC, BER, etc) makes one wonder if there is a history here of badly conceived buildings....built and then renovated upon delivery of the building to the owners.

Anyway.....if you have an afternoon to waste.....start at the end of Rhein Strasse and do a walk all the way up the hill to the Ringkirche.

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