Thursday, July 3, 2014

Walter White Has Arrived

In the past twenty-four hours.....Germans kinda woke up and got this small tidbit of of the lesser of the top fifty SPD political leaders in Berlin....was noted trying to buy 100 grams of meth.  In the real'd be around $24,000.  German prices?  I'm not sure.  He said the hundred grams were for personal use.  I kinda have doubts on that story.

What they say (through four different German media versions) that the SPD party had to waive his immunity before the cops could issue a search warrant.  I'm only guessing here....but this likely took at least six to twelve hours to meet and discuss the legal situation.  The guy was likely warned, and the cop searched to find.....mostly nothing. At least, that's the indication by the media.

All of this brings me to several observations.  Meth is on the rise in Germany....supposedly riding in from Czech.  For a major player in the SPD to be noted messing with the stuff.....possibly being a kinds hints that the circle of friends around him or other political players....are using the stuff.

The immunity thing?  That's an issue as well.  With enough can destroy or lose evidence rather easily.  It's remarkable that no one in the Bundestag wants to get rid of the immunity deal.

What happens now?  All they can generally say is that he tried to purchase a major haul of drugs.....which goes nowhere if he didn't have the meth on him and he didn't take possession of the hundred grams.

The SPD is probably willing to part ways with this guy quickly and warn everyone associated with him to find new friendships.

As for the dealer status?  I'm guessing that he would have turned the stuff around in a week or two.....gone back for more.....and has a fair amount of cash somewhere within reach.  Hundred thousand Euro?  Maybe.  The tax revenue guys would be interested in this.....if it weren't so political.

So, Walter White has arrived and doing quiet well in Germany.

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