Monday, July 14, 2014

"Tower" City

Frankfurt has only fourteen buildings over 500 feet tall.  Most, interestingly enough....are downtown, and thus gives the city an image as a highly urbanized area.

The tallest?  The TV tower, which went up in 1979.  After that, is the CommerzBank, standing at 849 feet (1997).

Rumor has it that various real estate dealings are underway to bring about a 1,200 ft building (97 stories).  The Millennium Tower....if ever built....would be the tallest in Europe.  There's a fair amount of speculation if the structure will ever get off the ground.

Behind the Millennium Tower.....there's at least ten additional projects on the board (each over 500 feet tall) to be built over the next decade in Frankfurt.

If you figure 300 ft as the minimum for a "tower"....Frankfurt within ten years will have a minimum of fifty-five towers.  Considering the era of big buildings in Frankfurt didn't start until the mid-60''s interesting how the pace continues today with projects continually put on the board and under construction.

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