Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Glass Story

 There is an obsession amongst Germans about glasses fitting the right beverage.  When you step into a typical German house, and they offer up a beer or wine.....the bar door gets opened, and what amazes you is not the wine or booze sitting there.....but the number and quantity of glasses or steins.

Generally, there are around eight to ten beer glass choices.....and if they really get into this business, you might discover your German associate has twenty different styles.  If you drink Bitburger.....he'll want to only use his Bitburger stein.  If you drink Falkensteiner'll be a particular glass. On and on.

Wine falls into the same issue.  My best guess is that there are at least thirty different glasses that the public might see on occasion, and the general house stock will include at least six of those wine glasses.

Apple wine?  There's generally two small and one extra-large (at least in my opinion).

Water?  It rarely goes past one small glass and one large glass.

Soda?  If you ask for a Coke, it's pretty good odds that you will get a Coke glass used.  Pepsi?  Probably a Pepsi glass.  Don't even bring up Mountain Dew (they do sell it, although it's not the same taste).

All of this leads me to the reality of people thinking and obsessed with giving you a beer in the right type container.  You could hold your hand up and just say you'll sip the beer straight from the bottle.....which might lead your host to ask "why" and if something is wrong.

The odd thing about this is that barely a hundred years ago....if you went into any village and beer was offered....there was likely just stein mugs offered to drink the localized beer.  This obsession with glasses is a recent thing....maybe in the past fifty years when brewers started to deliver special glasses to the local pubs and gasthauses.  People picked up on this habit and took it home.  Local grocery operations started to market the same glasses and everyone simply picked up a stock of six to eight glasses....thus building up a large bar area of just glasses alone.

So don't be shocked when you notice twelve different steins in your friends bar.  He's just a bit picky about how he drinks.

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