Monday, November 28, 2016

German This and That

I had German class today....first of B2.

The chief topic?  Multi-media....or the internet.  We put about four hours into this topic, with various words and phrases put out there for the fifteen-odd non-Germans in the class.

Except for me and one other guy....most everyone is between 18 and 30 years old.  To be honest, most everyone had some familiarity with Facebook, Skype, etc.

So I sat there....thinking over this.

To be honest....with German society as it is....there's a heck of a lot of Germans over the age of forty who aren't into any part of the internet.  These are people who just never got caught up into having a router in their house, or a smart-phone. These are people who don't care.

I would take a guess that roughly forty percent of German society over the age of 45 years old....have virtually no knowledge of mass media or the internet.  So in some ways, there is a lot that this new incoming crowd of migrants and immigrants know.....that some Germans themselves aren't that knowledgeable about.

The class for Wednesday?  There's a 15-minute section where we talk about the components of a copy machine (in German).  The odds that a quarter of the German population have never touched a copier in their lives?  Yet, here is the German class teaching migrants and immigrants these part-names?

It just makes you curious.

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