Saturday, November 12, 2016

Spiegel's Next Cover

For this upcoming week, Spiegel's cover.

Entitled: The End of the World.

For some Germans, deep into politics, it's a scary thing because Trump changed the dynamics of elections, and we are eleven months away from the next German national election.

So yeah, there is some fear that a regular traditional German election in October of 2017 will not occur.  One can laugh about this "worry" but intellectuals take this worry serious.

In some way, this will turn into some fake hype where the German politicians and intellectuals pretend they are the Avengers (Capt Germany, Hulkstein, Eisen-Man (Iron Man), and Germania (a female Thor).....and they are fighting off the evil American Loki-Trump.

Do Germans need this kind of fake opera stuff, without much substance?  With real world complaints, high taxes, and rampant's hard to imagine Hulkstein in some Berlin fight with Loki-Trump.

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