Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Public View of the Political Future in Germany

I picked up last week's edition of Stern today, and browsed through it.  They did a survey/poll.  Stern is like a hyped-Time magazine publication in Germany....which still has some solid readers.

The poll centered on how the average German feels about the upcoming election, Merkel and the Grand Coalition (the partnership of the CDU and SPD to lead the government).

So, let's get to the shocker numbers.....most Germans....whether you were Green Party, CDU or SPD....wanted Merkel to continue as Chancellor (more than 60-percent of each group).  Among the CDU's around 80-percent.  Twenty-percent of the CDU folks aren't happy with her and they want to replace her.

Among the Linke Party and AfD Party....there's less thrills with Merkel staying as Chancellor.  Barely twenty percent of the AfD folks could see Merkel staying on.

Chief reason?  I think the public admires the management style, lack of corruption or scandal, and general behavior of Merkel.  Some remember Schroeder, and his dismal style of commentary at times.

The other shock of the poll is that the vast number of Germans (80-percent) DON'T want the Grand Coalition (CDU-SPD) to continue.

Reason?  If you ask folks....there's virtually no difference between the CDU and SPD now....both have screwed up their message and platforms enough....that it's basically one single group pretending to be two parties.  This came virtually everyone....across all party lines.

The other likely partnership?  If the CDU and Merkel were to win, and the Greens could achieve their typical 9-percent voting pattern, and maybe the FDP did place 5-percent or more.....they could rig up another partnership deal.  It would be a challenge to bring the Greens in but it has worked in Hessen.

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