Friday, November 4, 2016

My Humble Take on BREXIT Mess Now

Based on the court ruling from's been said that Parliament in the UK must meet and pass the exit request....otherwise, it's not legit.

What happens now?

The Prime Minister will package this and send it to the Supreme Court of the be heard on 1 December (if the story is right from last night).  Odds of a quick answer?  Zero.  Five or six different folks that I watched on the various news networks suggested different schedules.  One said as quickly as ten days.....most suggested a said nothing until the end of January.

So, here's the issue.

The pro-BREXIT folks and anti-BREXIT will meet up on X-Day, and hear the verdict.  Is it the end?  No.  They could actually take this one more the EU Supreme Court.  Now, you'd sit there and pause over this.....wouldn't that be counter-productive?  Yeah.  You can guess their answer.

So, let's say they get to the point of saying 'fine'.....let's conduct a Parliamentary vote.  Most of the members (from four months ago) were anti-BREXIT (doesn't matter which party you bring this up with).  So a vote in the Parliament will end up saying 'no' exit.

What happens then?  PM May, current head of Parliament would very likely (likely a 90-percent chance) have to step down.  In fact, the public.....a bare majority of 52-plus percent would demand a new election.

I'd make a guess that it'd occur by early April.

What parties run?  Well, you start to get deep into a mess because of the Labor and Tory blend here on anti-BREXIT.....I think a new party or two would likely form up.  You could see one of the weakest British governments in the past thousand years win the election.

Then what happens with BREXIT?  I think it's won't occur.  Anger, frustration, hostility?  Oh yes.  You are looking at hundreds of thousands of British who simply won't stand for this type of government screw-up.

The EU?  Everything they said.....all the fine 'evil' stuff and harsh words? has to be forgotten and life continues on.  Yeah.  Sure.

Affect on the EU and politics in Europe?  I guess from January on.....for the bulk of's going to be a fairly dismal subject to bring up.

Whoever wins this quick election deal in the spring....I suspect that they will be PM for less than twelve months and be sent out for another issue or problem.

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