Saturday, November 8, 2014

End of Local Murder Case

A local murder episode ended this week in Wiesbaden.  I blogged this back in August of 2013....old guy missing, and some "friend" who'd turned his dog into the dog pound.

The story then was that the young "friend" had taken care of the dog while the old guy from Sonnenberg had gone off to Switzerland on a trip, thus never returning. The trouble as a missing persons report got turned in....that no one could show the guy leaving for any trip.  So they kept looking back at the "friend".

The court case started up a week ago, and the "friend" finally collapsed at some point in the episode and confessed.

Rainer Muller was the 78-year old guy, and had investment funds with the Post Bank.  The Post Bank had some young guy (mid-thirities) who was handing accounts, and at some point in the summer of 2013....he was laid off.  No one says much over why, and that might be curious to know.  The young investment guy was having lunches with former clients....I suspect to poach them later as he got hooked up with a new investment firm.

So Rainer has the guy over to the house.  Rainer's house....based on commentary....was a mess.  It hadn't been cleaned in years and the younger guy made some comment, which Rainer took as an insult.  Some type of violence came up.....Rainer, himself, was an active participant in the violence, with the younger guy claiming he had to defend himself.  A jug of some type was used toward the end.....whooping the old guy in the head, and that was the end of his life.

The body?  It ended up in a town about two miles away from my village....buried in the woods.

The younger guy....looking at the mess....knowing that none of this was explainable....decided to get rid of the body and clear the place of evidence.  Messing around with the dog at the dog pound....probably wasn't  that bright....and pointed things at him quickly.

By admitting everything in court....the younger guy has cleared up most of the mystery.  Sentencing?  Still weeks and weeks away, and I doubt if he gets more than fifteen years in prison.  Was the old guy a nutcase?  Yeah, probably so.  If the younger guy had never shown up, or insulted the guy on the condition of his apartment?  Things might have gone differently.

End of a mystery.

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