Thursday, November 13, 2014

Greenpeace's Big Stumble

Two days ago, the Greenpeace guys arrived at a conference where Sigmar Gabriel, the SPD minister for Energy (and economy) was going to deliver a speech.  The plan was for two individuals to walk up on the stage and hold two placards.....bringing Gabriel down a step or two because of his current strategy on energy within Germany.

It would be best to describe Gabriel as fifty-percent of New Jersey's Chris Christie and fifty-percent Governor Jerry Brown of California.  Gabriel is more than capable of standing up and delivering a speech with minimal notes, and fairly noted for being clever.

In this case, as the security folks for the conference wanted to come up and drag the two Greenpeace folks off.....Gabriel waved them off and noted that he'd like to have them on the stage, then delivered a seventeen-minute response....unwritten and directly aimed at the lousy unplanned idea of dumping coal and nuke power without consequences.

The improvised speech came to an end, and the conference crowd applauded.

The Greenpeace achievement?  Virtually nothing.  Instead of knocking SPD's Gabriel down a notch, which you'd typically expect on these type 'operations'.....Gabriel made the Greenpeace stance look childish and immature.  Gabriel thrusts the public up into a pondering state of energy.  If you want all these wonderful and environmentally friendly strategies in need to pay a price.  No one from the Greenpeace side in Germany has ever explained that in any detail.  Gabriel did explain the details, and it's a full plate of consequences upon the German consumer.

Another attack in the future upon Gabriel?  I would bet on it.  Greenpeace will sit down....evaluate the damage done to themselves, and hope to find some news media sources who will hype up their topics in a better forum.  My humble guess is that the prime-time ARD Sunday night show on political topics....will shortly decide to invite Gabriel on to talk for an entire evening, and the Greenpeace folks hope to find one individual with the capability of carrying the message for their cause.

Gabriel probably took a quarter of the Greenpeace crowd in favor of rapid energy transformation away, with some simple words, and strong criticism.

So, for a brief period on Monday....some blunt common sense was delivered to the German people.

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