Saturday, November 22, 2014

Robbery in the Neighborhood

The upstairs guy came to note to me today....that his lady-friend's Audi A3 (seven years old) had been stolen overnight.

Yep, it'd been parked in front of our house, and this morning.....gone.

For 2014, I think the village (around 4,000 residents), just a couple miles outside of Wiesbaden, is up to around ten vehicles stolen.  They tend to be Audi or BMW.

The odds?  Two months ago, one of the village's stolen cars was noted on the autobahn going into Czech.  The cops picked up on the plate numbers.....pulled the guy over, and arrested him.

I'd take a guess that from Wiesbaden itself...counting up the 'burbs' within the town.....there's probably near a hundred vehicles stolen this year.  It has to be a mafia group working the deal.....all driving the vehicles as quickly as possible from the region over toward Czech and onto either Ukraine or Russia.  They just make up forged registration paperwork and nobody says anything as they sell it.

Action by the cops?  Nothing much.  There's only three roads into town and you'd think they'd put up some camera that gets active at night and takes pictures of folks within the vehicle.

The thing that gets me.....even if you have full insurance, you ARE screwed.  A seven-year old car will pull maybe $7500 max from the insurance company.  A new car?  Figure $25,000.  So, in effect....this car which was in great shape and maybe another five to seven years of gone and you have to find the fifteen-odd thousand out of your pocket.  In my mind, it's a pretty negative deal.

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