Sunday, November 30, 2014

Robbery in My Region

Last Wednesday night, we had a robbery in the local area (Biebrich, a neighborhood of Wiesbaden).

Late that night, a truck pulled up and dumped off a pallet in the parking lot adjacent to a local grocery.  The pallet had 55 fir Christmas trees.

As Thursday morning came....the staff arrived and were going to put the trees near the door for sale....but discovered that during the evening....the trees were stolen.

Total value?  Cops say roughly 2,000 Euro.

You'd have to sit and imagine this scene.  Late on an evening.....some guys walking around, and just noticing the trees unguarded.  You had to have a truck or a friend or two to help.  You can figure the trees were 'bundled' and it likely took ten minutes to load up the van and drive off.

The team?  I'm guessing that they will try to set up their own sales operation on some parking lot in the middle of nowhere....thus hoping no one comes to ask about a sales permit or where they got their trees.

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