Saturday, November 1, 2014

More Fake Cops

This week, we had another round of bogus cop robberies in Wiesbaden.  Two in one hour.....around the central area of upscale hotels and the casino.  Since January, I'd guess there's been between twelve and fifteen such episodes.  Maybe three or four in the last half of 2013.

The scenario usually goes this way.  A's always a tourist, never a real resident of Wiesbaden.....has this guy or two guys appear in front of them.  A badge is always flashed, but the guys are in civilian clothing.  The script is.....we think you might have acquired bogus money and need to examine it.  They tend to want to hold the billfold.  The victim wakes up around a minute or two after they leave....checking the purse or billfold....finding the cash gone.

This week involved a Romanian and a Kuwaiti.  Total taken?  Around 3600 Euro.

Cops aren't saying much.  It's building up an image in town......fake cops running around and robbing folks.  If it happened every single day....they might be able to find the guy or two doing this.  But they rarely hit more than once a month.  From the descriptions's always a question mark if it's the same guys or just a rotating group.

Running a fake tourist operation to catch the guys?  You'd have to put two guys out there for months, just hoping they get picked by accident, but that's the only way this will come to an end.

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