Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Rabbit Story

We had a robbery or sorts this weekend in Wiesbaden, which got into the local news.  What the cops will say (as reported) is that someone broke into the Sonnenberg school.  An assessment was made, and all that they can say was taken....were two rabbits who part of a class project.

Normally, I'd just glance over this and have a simple laugh.  But here's the odd thing.  There was a pad-lock over the cage, and the individual who did the robbery of the rabbits.....had a bolt-cutter with them and broke the pad-lock.

So, it wasn't someone just wandering around the school and thinking up things to steal....they just wanted the rabbits.

A rabbit-stew destination?  I'm not sure.  If you went to this much trouble, and got'd look pretty stupid to say you merely were after rabbits for your stew.  But why walk around with bolt-cutters, for merely rabbits?   Anyway, just another minor crime in metropolitan Wiesbaden, and the cops submitted another crime report into the national database.....over rabbits.

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