Thursday, October 27, 2016

Algorithm Talk

There was a speech given by Chancellor Merkel today on an odd topic.

She stood and noted that both Facebook and Google have been seen as manipulating public perception and opinion during this US campaign season.  She suggests that the perspective-building is deliberate and connected to a man-made algorithm.

So, Chancellor Merkel wants them to make this algorithm public knowledge.

It is basically opening up a Pandoras Box by admitting this, and then by giving the public this right to view the algorithm.  My humble guess is that neither wants to admit this.

Me personally?  Why not go to the second step and ask news media operations about their own methods of algorithms.

I suspect that Merkel has awoken in the past month and realized that the various reports that she's read for six months over zero issues with Hillary's emails, her health, and Trump's troubles.....were layered in some way by the media and hyped by Facebook and Google.  It has to worry Merkel because the same method could be put into action in Germany for the national election in 2017.

Does it anything?  No. But the fact that she noted this in public and said it.....might be simple a early warning about where the Germans might take Facebook and Google in demands.

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